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I am intrinsically creative and curious. With over 15 years of experience retouching, in addition to my degree in photography, I am well qualified for a variety of roles.

Within the last decade, I have proven my retouching abilities as both a freelance artist and full-time employee. Much of my experience is within the advertising industry. I have worked images for brands such as Harley-Davidson, McDonald's, JCPenney, Moen, Miller, Crate & Barrel, H2O, Converse, and more**.

I have worked projects that require compositing CG images and product photography into photographic scenery. Some of this work includes products for Moen, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, and Kirby Built Products. These projects demand an artistic sensibility, but also foresight and file management skills both within and out of Photoshop.

You will see I have a rounded experience retouching products, home goods, clothing, on-figure, off-figure, people, skin, hair, jewelry, automobiles, and motorcycles. I’ve worked images for billboards to websites, catalogs and magazines, signage and direct mail. My knowledge of Photoshop is at an expert level and it’s complemented with my artistic abilities, education and personal drive.

**Feel free to ask me for more samples than you see on this site.

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